User information made simple!

IBI-aws, the idea

Only inform users when they are actually affected. Simple, fast, and independent of e-mail, intranet, and ticketing systems.

IBI-aws is simple

No new servers, no installation and, most important, no vulnerabilities.

IBI-aws works everywhere!

Across all country, language, and network borders. And, if you like, not just on earth.

IBI-aws is pinpoint precise

Messages always automatically go to the right country, site, department… on planet earth, of course.

IBI-aws is exact

Define the recipients by the application, IP addresses, directory service objects, and directory service attributes used; alone or combined. Independent, instantaneous, and unerring, simply perfect.

IBI-aws is ingenious

Ready to use in under an hour, even in complex structures. Use and perception… simply ingenious.

IBI-aws the message

Only the affected user is informed. At the right time in the right place, perception 100 %.
Get started with the unlimited test version and please refer to the information on our product page