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If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view. Henry Ford

exclusive user information
simple usage
perfect independence

Zu wenig Zeit um Releasenotes zu lesen? Aber Lust auf neue, interessante Funktionen?

Sie kennen diese Situation: Im Tagesgeschäft kommen Sie nicht mehr dazu, Releasenotes zu lesen geschweige...



Inform users simply, quickly, and perfectly



Inform only the affected users in a pinpointed way about incidents or maintenance.
Circular e-mails using the "watering can principle" are a thing of the past with IBI-aws.
The primary goal is to send information simply and quickly, directly to the screen of the affected user and, depending on the priority of the message, shown in different, succinct display styles.



The display client does not need to be installed on the workstations and no additional rights are required.
This means that launching and handling are extremely straightforward.



Provide information over an independent system, which you can still use to inform users even when other systems such as phone, e-mail, intranet, etc. are not available.


"net send"

Many administrators still know and are familiar with the Windows command "net send". The receipt of such messages, however, is dependent on framework conditions, the information capabilities are very limited and it is no longer available in new operating systems.
IBI-aws is here to help. It provides the simplicity of "net send" but offers a multitude of options.