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Read here which customer suggestions and innovations we have recently implemented.


IBI-aws Version 1.29

Among other things, there are the following new features since the version update of 31.10.2023:

Simultaneous use of the IBI-aws Admin

Create and edit messages, even if the IBI-aws Admin is already being used by another person.

Multitenancy improved

The IBI-aws Admin can now serve several clients in the same instance.

Microsoft Teams connectivity

Messages can now also be sent to Microsoft Teams channels.

Content types

A content type can be used to categorize and visually distinguish messages.

IBI-aws Version 1.28

On May 16, 2022, the latest IBI-aws update was released – including highly exciting new features:

Certificate-based encryption

To make the communication between IBI-aws Admin and IBI-aws Clients even more secure, the message file can now be encrypted using a certificate. 

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

In addition to the previously supported directory services, Microsoft Azure Active Directory is now also supported. This means that addressing can also be performed via users and computers of an Azure Active Directory.

IBI-aws version 1.27

On January 24, 2022, the latest IBI-aws update was released – including highly exciting new features:

Address registry entries

Address messages based on registry entries even more precisely from now on.

Archive messages

Improve the overview by archiving messages.

Proxy settings simplified

The proxy settings have been integrated into the IBl-aws Admin for simplicity.

Changeable maximum length of the message reason

The maximum length of the message reason can be specified per message group.

Further, technical information about this and previous updates can be found in the documentation.