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IBI-aws can be scaled-up as required and its multilingual capability enables use in an international environment. The visual style of IBI-aws messages can be tailored to suit your individual "Corporate Design" and thus fits seamlessly into your communication concept.

Corporate design

The IBI-aws Client can be easily adapted to suit your organization’s corporate design. Messages to the users can be beautifully incorporated into your corporate communication.


With the SkinDesigner, it is possible to create an individual skin file and use it to adapt IBI-aws to your own corporate design. A beta version is available here.

Multilingual capability

The system fully supports multilingual capability at client level. Should you require a language option that is not currently integrated into the IBI-aws Client, we will be happy to implement this for you.


Whether you use the system as the sole user information system or in addition to a ticketing system, software distribution, phone, e-mail, intranet, etc., IBI-aws is the perfect addition to existing concepts or works as a "stand-alone" system.


IBI-aws is the ideal addition to any existing ticketing system. Use IBI-aws to communicate with your users, with new possibilities at levels of granularity and sophistication that no ticketing system can offer.

Company structure

You want a system that adapts to your company structure? IBI-aws grows with you and adapts to your needs. Regardless of whether you use it at one site or worldwide, the system is fully scalable and is available to you anytime, anywhere.

Client wishes

A software system lives from how it is used in practice. Therefore, we always welcome your thoughts on how to optimize IBI-aws. In every new release there are changes and functions that have been inspired by our clients.


IBI-aws supports you in optimizing your IT support process in a sustained manner. With IBI-aws, you communicate proactively and very specifically with your users. The Service Desk – as the visiting card of the IT department – informs the right users professionally, promptly, and competently using IBI-aws.


As a rule, support processes are currently based on the ITIL standard. IBI-aws supports the ITIL standard through its options and functions and offers added economic value to any IT department and the organization as a whole.