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License models

Licensing of IBI-aws is based on the total number of IT systems with screens in your company or the number of
IT systems with screens or the number of IT-supported workstations. Each workstation with screen is a client for licensing purposes.


License purchase

When purchasing a license, one-time license costs per client are incurred. The license prices are graduated prices, i.e. the price per client is reduced as the number of licenses increases. This form of licensing requires a maintenance contract (support and update guarantee) with a minimum term of one year (automatically renewed) covering product support and all updates within the term.

Site License

From 1'000 clients, there is also the option of purchasing a specific site license. This additionally includes "organic growth" of workplaces. There is no need to check the number of clients in the company.

Subscription Licensing

In the case of subscription licensing (software licensing on a subscription basis), the right to use the software is limited in time to the subscription period. This is at least one year (annual subscription). The costs are based on the number of clients and the contractual subscription period (graduated prices). Subscription Licensing includes the support and update guarantee within the term.