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Use Case

Inform about an offline email server

User information in case of email malfunctions

Challenge: precisely informing users that their mailboxes are offline

You know how it is: whenever there is a disruption to email services, users react particularly sensitively, as this forms the basis of daily work in many parts. How do you react in the service desk when this communication channel is not available? You would normally expect to receive a lot of calls and tickets – but not with IBI-aws!

Solution in 3 steps: IBI-aws restrictions

IBI-aws acts as an independent communication channel. Using restrictions, you can pass precise information to users who are currently using the email application and whose mailboxes are affected. This is done by restricting the message to the “homeMDB” directory service attribute.

1. Create an application specific message

2. Add affected application

3. Restrict message to the appropriate directory service attribute

How it looks to the user