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Use Case

Prevent users from starting and using an application

User information for software updates

Challenge: preventing the use of an application during updates

It is a common service desk problem: the IT departement is planning a major software update for an application and (despite being notified accordingly in advance) users are still opening the application. The worst-case scenario is the update being prevented to take place by users accessing the application.

Solution: precise user information and end active sessions

With IBI-aws, you can precisely inform the affected users (in contrary to mass emails) and therefore generate greater awareness of your update. It is also possible to prevent users from starting the application and to end any active sessions.

1. Enter information

Define the start and end time, state the reason and formulate the message.

2. Add application

Add the affected application (“application.exe” in the example) and limit its usage.

3. Create early warning

Create an early warning to inform users about the upcoming downtime.

How it looks to the user

This is what the message will look like for the users affected by the update.