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Use Case

Addressing using external data sources

Use export function of external data sources (e.g. CMDB)

Challenge: Informing very specific user groups

Time and again, the service desk faces the challenge of contacting different users who do not belong to the same department or other larger organizational unit.

This can be a wide range of employees, who need for example...

  • to update their second PC, which is not permanently connected to the network
  • to update their telephony client since quite some time 
  • to renew certain installed software licenses soon
  • some special program functions of an ERP or CRM system
  • the connection to a specific switch that needs to be replaced
  • a systems that depend on a specific server that now needs to be maintained

Usually this information can be found in a CMDB or asset database. It is usually possible to export this corresponding record to a file.

Solution: Import and process directory service objects

With IBI-aws, this exported record can be imported into the list of directory service objects and thus used to address a message precisely.

In addition, this data set can also be used to generate very individual messages in IBI-aws by means of a script and the command line interface (CLI), such as: "Hello User Armin Walter Sippel! You should connect your second PC PC2 to the network to install current updates."