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IBI-aws does not require installation and can be launched within a very short period of time, even in a very large environment. No vulnerabilities are caused, as the communication path used does not require any additional/specific ports.


No additional software components or services are installed. IBI-aws is completely transparent in its setup and function and its operating processes can be understood at all times.


The system can be optimally integrated into your infrastructure. No matter whether you have one site or several, a suitable setup can always be implemented, as there is no additional infrastructure required to deploy it.




The file-based concept means the system can be scaled-up as required. No administrator rights and no additional open ports are required in the firewall. The applications just require access to a central access point, e.g. a file share server or web server.


Backing up IBI-aws is very straightforward. The file-based concept means that an administrator can manage them simply, for example by using Shadow Copy. Added security is provided by integration into your company’s existing backup concept.


IBI-aws is independent of conventional information systems such phone, e-mail, intranet, internet, text messages, etc. The system remains available to you and functions even if your users can no longer reach you by other methods.


The IBI-aws Client does not need higher-level rights than the logged in users have at their work stations. The administrator controls the system by assigning read and write permissions. Admin decides which users can create messages. The users who just receive the messages, only need read and execution permissions.

No installation



Neither the IBI-aws Client nor the IBI-aws Admin need to be setup and can therefore be stored centrally in a network environme.