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Use Case

Monitoring with IBI-aws MobileClient

Monitoring messages with IBI-aws instead of SMS / e-mail

Challenge: Message proliferation from the monitoring system

You know what it's like: the first glance at your smartphone in the morning and you are overwhelmed by countless messages from your monitoring system. But which message has priority? What is still current, what has already been completed?

This situation is part of everyday life for IT employees. To ensure smooth IT operations, numerous hard and soft sensors monitor a company's entire IT landscape around the clock.

A common practical example is monitoring the free disk space of a database server: if this falls below a defined threshold, a message is sent. The more sensors are in use and systems are monitored, the more messages IT receives. Over a hundred messages a day are anything but unusual.

Solution: Connection of the IBI-aws MobileClient to your monitoring system

With the IBI-aws MobileClient, you receive an up-to-date overview of the status of every message from your monitoring system and immediately recognize where action is urgently required. Thanks to this time saving, your IT work is noticeably easier and the solution to a problem is achieved more quickly. The MobileClient can be connected to any monitoring system that provides for the execution of scripts.

MC Darstellungen

Advantage 1: Clarity

Recognize at a glance where action is required. No more tedious evaluation of the topicality of several SMS / e-mails.

Advantage 2: Information content

Get up-to-date, specific, and formatable notifications with no character limits.

Advantage 3: Cost saving

Tedious notification prioritization and expensive SMS services are a thing of the past.