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The administration of user information is performed using the IBI-aws administration module. Useful features such as message preview or the advance planning options are just some of the keywords. 

Intuitive user interface

The user interface of the administration software is based on the Microsoft Management Console. As a result, operation is very intuitive for administrators.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

The CLI allows the automated creation of messages. Third-party systems such as an monitoring tool can be easily connected to IBI-aws in this way.

Multi-client capability

IBI-aws is multi-client capable. It can be used by companies with just one site as well as multinational groups whose company structures are divided, worldwide, into country groups, countries, sites and subcontractors. IBI-aws offers the corresponding installation options for all variations.

Message groups

By employing message groups, company divisions, e.g. "Plant A" and "Plant B" or "Administration" and "Production" can receive messages independent of each other. Each message group independently provides information to its assigned IBI-aws Clients. All other selections in terms of who should receive a message are defined within the message group.


Create templates for messages that can be defined quickly and simply at a later date. To create a message in the event of a crisis, you will only have to drag & drop the template into the respective message group and specify the start time. The templates can be organized in subdirectories for a better overview. Templates can be created from messages that have already been drawn up.






IBI-aws Pools are an aid for addressing messags. All of the information, such as applications, network addresses and directory service attributes that have been defined once, is collated and made available for further messages.

Advance planning

Messages can be created as required for time-specific use in the future. This has the advantage that the creator does not need to be at their workplace at the start time of the message and that administrators can view messages that have been entered.

Early warnings

Using early warnings, the user can be informed about upcoming events in advance. If a user is working, for example, with a certain application for which maintenance has been planned, they can plan around this based on the early warning.

Status and resolve messages

Status and resolve messages can be used to inform all message recipients about the current status, several times if necessary. Status and resolve messages are automatically shown only to the users that confirmed the original message.


This function gives the creator of the message the chance to view the message – in the exact same format that the recipient will view the message in after publication – before it is published. If the result does not match expectations, the message can be changed accordingly. 

Send messages via e-mail

If you also want to provide information to external partners (software manufacturers, IT partners) about an event when performing maintenance on an internal system, you can contact them via e-mail. IBI-aws automatically generates a language and time-zone dependent e-mail from an editable e-mail template. A preview function is also available.

Export messages

Using this function you can export messages to an Excel file for further processing, e.g. for analytics.