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Use Case

Inform about maintenance work on a web portal

User information during maintenance work

Challenge: effectively informing users about maintenance work on a web application

A typical service desk problem: there is some planned maintenance work on a web application (a time tracking app, for example) and despite having notified users accordingly via email and the intranet, the service desk is flooded with calls once the maintenance starts, greatly reducing service desk availability.

The reason is clear: messages from the service desk sent by email or intranet are often forgotten, ignored or not noticed. How do we effectively pre-warn users and inform them again directly, ideally during the maintenance, once they open the application that is being worked on?

IBI-aws solution (see the time tracking app example)

Create an application specific message for the time tracking application and formulate an early warning accordingly. You can do so using the software solution as follows:

1. Entry in the Application Pool

Further, you also define the browsers used and the "Window Caption / URL" of your web application.

2. Create application specific message

With the start and end time, the reason and the message, define what the users will be shown and when. You can also select the time tracking application you entered and define an early warning.

How it looks to the user

This is how the early warning (top left) and the maintenance message (bottom right) will look to the users.