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The IBI-aws MobileClient provides users with important information on their mobile devices. The application can be used as a perfect extension and as a stand-alone communication channel.

Receive information from multiple sources

It is possible to make multiple registrations and read from multiple message sources. This allows individual local organizational units to send internal messages. For example:

  • Central service desk or central IT
  • Business Group-based News
  • Location-based news
  • Monitoring-tool

Category subscriptions

Subscriptions act as an additional restriction option per registration.

From the user's point of view: In the IBI-aws MobileClient, the users themselves select the categories relevant to them for which they would like to receive messages. The predefined categories (e.g. business and activity areas or locations) can be subscribed easily and individually.

From the administrator's point of view: In addition, administrators have special rights and possibilities. They determine the categories available and can remove existing subscriptions or assign new ones. Messages can be restricted to the defined categories and, if required, can also be sent to all users – regardless of the subscriptions.

Maximum reachability

The IBI-aws MobileClient also reaches those user groups via smartphone app who are not constantly sitting at their desk. For example:

  • Managers

  • Consultants

  • Field staff

  • Application managers

Independent and secure

IBI-aws guarantees encryption of content and communication. If required, the data can be provided on a server of your choice or hosted by us.

As an independent communication channel, the IBI-aws MobileClient is also available when classic information channels such as e-mail  or social media and messenger break down. For example, employees in the home office can be reached even if they are temporarily unable to establish a VPN connection due to a technical error.

Connection to external systems

The IBI-aws MobileClient can be connected to external systems and is ideal suited for monitoring and surveillance systems: when a problem appears, the corresponding users are automatically informed. In this way, the IBI-aws MobileClient can replace the classic way of notification via SMS.


The IBI-aws app is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store using the following links:

IBI-aws for iOS & IBI-aws for Android

If required, the application can also be automatically installed on the respective end device via a mobile device management system (MDM) or mobile application management system (MAM) already pre-configured.

The connection to the message data source is made via a registration, which is initiated either via an e-mail address or a generated code.